‘Don’t Happy, Be Worry’ with Jon Richardson

Jon Richardson gave a brilliant performance of his show “Don’t Happy, Be Worry” at the Drill Hall on Thursday, 18th November.

Although not completely sold out the Drill Hall was jam packed with lovers of comedy and the show was worth every penny.

Richardson began the show by having a chat with the audience, an encounter with a woman who worked in property was particularly entertaining. It was then time for Richardson to introduce his support.

Jon Richardson gave a brilliant performance at the Drill Hall. Photo: Jon Richardson

Sadly Matt Forde, Richardson’s chosen support act, didn’t make much of a good impression. It would be a stretch to describe him as funny, his stories were just crude and lacked any punch line. During the interval remarks of “awful, absolutely awful” could be heard from behind me.

Luckily for the audience the interval concluded and Richardson returned to the stage. Stories of his Hobbit audition, sex addict footballers, and the mind blowing concept of eating chicken on a plane were told to entertain the audience and it certainly hit the spot.

His angry rants at things which seem so inane are actually hilarious. No doubt he’s performed this show hundreds of times but it still seemed fresh and he seemed just as worked up about these things as he must have when writing the show.

Time seemed to fly when watching Richardson perform his show, small references to audience members and stories told earlier gave the show a sense of wholeness and a small uniqueness to performances in other towns.

“Don’t Happy, Be Worry” didn’t disappoint by being a brilliant show full of anecdotes and observations.

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  1. Comedyhen says:

    Shame to hear Matt Forde wasn’t on form, I’ve never seen his stand up as such but have enjoyed a couple of his ‘Lock-Ins’…but glad to hear Richardson went down well with the Lincoln audience! I saw the show in Edinburgh this year, check out my review here: http://tinyurl.com/38vcwxw