Peter Salmon: ‘The digital age brings people together’

“The north has a vital role to play in the digital age,” according to Peter Salmon, director of BBC North, who was speaking to an auditorium packed with students, lecturers, and media professionals.

“The digital age is bringing people together, not only locally, but globally,” Salmon said, while portraying a bright future for the BBC in the digital age, in his speech at the University of Lincoln.

Peter Salmon, director of BBC North, spoke at the University of Lincoln on November 2nd. Photo: BBC

Held in the EMMTEC auditorium on Tuesday, October 2nd, Salmon’s speech outlined several initiatives started to coincide with the BBC’s ambitious move to Salford Quays, including an interactive Doctor Who game devised by game developers SUMO digital.

Salmon took a conversational approach and punctuated much of the factual information with humorous quips, but treated subjects such as graduate employment and diversity with an earnest and sincere tone.

While talking to students and staff he said the University of Lincoln “has its sight on the future and its students at its heart” and went on to say that the aim of the move up north is partly to “find voices, writers, performers who can represent northern traditions”.

Salmon emphasised the need to “enrich the DNA of the BBC”, describing the Salford move as purposefully disruptive with BBC Sport, CBBC & Cbeebies, and BBC Radio 5 all moving up north.

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