University bites Bullet over report on Lincoln Magazine

The University of Lincoln has hit back at a report suggesting it launched a new publication without giving students the opportunity to work on it.

Bullet Magazine released a story on Wednesday, October 27th, claiming there has been “uproar” from students over them being excluded from the production of Lincoln Magazine.

The report claims: “Many students are wondering why the university [has] produced the magazine through their own communications team and not asked the students to contribute.”

The University of Lincoln has launched a new publication called "Lincoln Magazine". Image: UoL

However, Thirzah Wildman, communications manager at the university, rejects this: “A number of students have been involved in the first issue of Lincoln Magazine, most notably in the dedicated student and alumni section.”

She added that students had also helped in the production of The Staff Magazine, both writing and taking pictures.

The university was also attacked by Bullet for supposed hypocrisy. The article says: “Students have expressed concerns as to why they were not given the opportunity to write for their university’s official magazine, despite vice-chancellor Mary Stuart stating on the University of Lincoln website: ‘The student focus is paramount – at the same time as fulfilling the modern tasks of knowledge creation and transfer for the economic, social, and cultural benefit of our society.’

“By definition this states that the university is focused around the students and the aim is to prepare them for a job once they leave the university.”

Wildman insists students do have the opportunity for work experience within the university, citing the communications team as an example: “We offer a variety of opportunities to work with us in the communications team… We currently have a student placement within the team and we have commissioned photography by students for several press events.

“We hope to build on these and offer more opportunities to get involved in future. As with any employer, I’d encourage students to be pro-active in contacting us if they want to gain work experience.”

The magazine is designed by Studio View, a company that currently employs Lincoln students and graduates.

Lincoln Magazine and The Staff Magazine were born out of the closure of the university’s old publication, Contact magazine. Wildman says the two magazines “are more targeted to their different audiences”.

Having these two magazines is also cheaper than having just one. “Much more of the production is carried out by the university’s communications team and this has led to an overall saving of £2,500 a year,” she adds.

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