Relationships and university: the perfect match?

If you aren’t celebrating Valentine’s Day then you aren’t alone. The Office of National Statistics figures show that in 2005 there were 14.2 million single people with “most over-16s are now single, divorced or widowed. By 2031 only 40 per cent of women will have married, and 46 per cent of men,” it stated.

Whilst it might seem depressing to be on your own on Valentine’s day, being in a relationship at university is sometimes not the right way to go.

Third year student Jenifer Cross has found relationships at university to be distracting: “I have been in relationships whilst being at university, however, even though it is great at the time, relationships can be very distracting and meant that I could have been doing some work instead of seeing my boyfriend,” she explains.

Valentine's Day can be a tough day for people not in a relationship. Photo: JoshBerglund19 via Flickr

But Ary Sharif disagrees: “I have a girlfriend here at University, but I don’t get distracted, I think all it really comes down to is what your priorities are,” he said.

Single second year student Chloe Hurley admits that she missed classes to see her boyfriend: “When I was in my last relationship at university, it was a long distance relationship, so I would miss lectures and put off my work when he came to see me and I would also miss a couple of days around a weekend where I would be going to visit him.

“I know it jeopardised my progress with work and learning, but I didn’t think about that at the time because I was in love,” she says.

This shows that being in relationships whilst studying isn’t necessarily wise as many students get behind with their work. In fact figures suggest that over the last few years, people who are actually in relationships is falling.

This year on Valentine’s Day, Carnage is coming to Lincoln and Chloe says that her and her girlfriends will be going together: “This year I’m spending Valentine’s Day with the girls, we’re going to have a duvet day and get a Chinese, and then in the evening, we’re all going out for Carnage.

“The thought of not having a boyfriend this year doesn’t depress me as I have a whole day planned!”

3 Responses to Relationships and university: the perfect match?

  1. Jonathan Holmes says:

    This article shows what love does to people. Personally – I’ve come to university to get a degree. I barely have enough time for myself as it is, being both a student and an SU officer, I think it would be unfair of me to not be able to give as much time to a partner as I’d like.

    Perhaps I’m more of a career man…

  2. Ary says:

    Priorities is not the correct word – would rather refer to it as time-management.

  3. elysha says:

    cool image