Alan Carr: ‘Me and Justin will not work together again’

When you think of Alan Carr, you don’t normally think of him testing out his material on a live audience. But that is just what he did on Monday, March 21st at Lincoln’s Performing Arts Centre.

With an audience that consisted mainly of adults with the occasional student thrown in here and there, the sold out crowd were treated to a delightful set from Alan Carr.

Josh Widdicombe was up first to try and warm up the crowd. After a few technical difficulties with the microphone not working correctly, Widdicombe was able to go straight into his set and managed to get the crowd ready for the main act.

Alan Carr performed a warm-up show at the LPAC for his upcoming Spexy Beast tour. Credit: Alison Peters PR.

When Carr came on stage, the cheers from the audience were pleasing to hear and something that Carr took in his stride. He came out and instantly started to make jokes out of Lincoln, bringing a copy of the Lincolnshire Echo on stage to illustrate some of his points.

Crowd interaction started from the moment he walked on stage and about ten minutes in, someone from the front row tried to sneak out to the toilet but was seen by Carr, who managed to get a few laughs from it.

One of the highlights of the night was when he compared his act to that of X-Factor contestant Cher Lloyd. “When she sings you think ‘yeah I like this’. But then she comes out with all this rapping and you think ‘oh no. That’s not so good’,” he said.

Another highlight came when he talked about pal Gok Wan. He said that people always tell him that they should have a child together to which he said: “They would be called Wan-Carrs, I wouldn’t want that to happen.”

Carr spent most of the time dancing about on stage before making a joke about his ‘mincer’s leg’. Towards the end of his set, he seemed to calm down and interacted a little more with the crowd, even giving someone a bottle of alcohol that had been left in his dressing room.

The Q & A session that Carr gave at the end of the night proved to be quite comedic in its own way, with people asking questions that only locals would know the answers to.

He was asked if he would be staying in the Hilton hotel, which he later found out has yet to be finished, as well as what he would be doing after the show. Someone from the audience suggested that he should go to Christopher’s Bar which got a round of laughs before someone told Carr that it was a gay bar.

When asked if he would be doing any more work with fellow comedian Justin Lee Collins, he said that because they are on different television channels now, it is unlikely that they will work together again. He then went on to make a joke saying that they would probably end up in the “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” jungle.

It seemed that the crowd didn’t want him to leave the stage and tried to keep him on for as long as possible with their questions. Eventually, he left to a thunderous applause and numerous cheers.

All in all, it was a great night and hopefully he will keep many of the jokes for his autum tour. Tickets for all dates on the “Spexy Beast” tour are on sale now.


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