Foo Fighters have it all at Wembley

– John Fernandez contributed with this report.

Dave Grohl’s come a long way since his days behind the drums in hardcore outfit Scream; for one thing he has drummed in undoubtedly one of the previous centuries most iconic bands. He presently fronts one of the world’s biggest rock bands, and tonight it’s all about the Foos.

To warm up for the Foos, NME has billed Los Angeles trio No Age. Warming up for the Foo Fighters can hardly be described as the easiest of jobs. Sadly for No Age the crowd are not interested and for good reason. The crash of drums and screech of guitars meant that nobody could hear if their material was any good.

Next on were Seattle five piece Band of Horses and with their noticeably more chilled out approach than No Age they won over the crowd easily. Tonight may not have been their headline gig, but they certainly won over a few fans with their unique blend of catchy lyrics and mellow beats.

Cee Lo Green was the final act on the supporting bill and it was apparent from the start that Cee Lo could own Wembley arena on his night. Gnarls Barkley classics like “Crazy” and “Smiley Faces” were given run outs as Cee Lo powered through a quick set backed by his leather clad band of women. Set closer “Fuck You” though was, by far, the highlight and was given a rocky edge as it was played to The Clash’s “Rock the Casbah.”

Foo Fighters headlined the NME Big Gig. Photo: Steve Gullick

It was 9 o’clock by the time Dave Grohl strolled onstage to a roar of approval, rushing into “Burning Bridges” off of the Foo’s as yet unreleased record “Wasting Light.” Starting with a new song, let alone one people have only heard 30 seconds of is a risky move but it was certainly one that paid off.

Fan favourite “All My Life” was the first familiar song that was given an airing that evening and for a song that usually is played at the end of Foo Fighters gigs it did not feel out of place so early, instead it served to create five different mosh pits all over the arena floor.

“Burning Bridges” though was not the only new song that as given an outing, with new single “Rope,” “White Limo” and “These Days.” All four songs, while being as yet unreleased, were still met with a fantastic reception; such is the admiration for Grohl himself.

Tonight he could do no wrong. It was most definitely his night and he knew it, he loved it. So did we really.

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