Lincoln seal fifth straight Varsity win

The University of Lincoln made it five Varsity wins in a row after beating the University of Derby 9-5 in the Lincoln-based fixtures on Wednesday, March 30th.

Wins for Lincoln in the futsal, equestrian and badminton along with victories for the men’s second string hockey and football teams meant the home side galloped into a 5-0 lead in the first third of the day’s matches.

Lincoln's female basketball team camped in the Derby half. Photo: Alex Blackburne

However, Derby fought back with victories in the men’s football first team and netball second string matches.

Lincoln though cancelled out those results with wins in rugby union and women’s basketball, before coming out on top in the women’s football and netball first team games.

Derby rallied late on, securing wins in both the men’s and women’s hockey, as well as a mauling of the Lincoln Lakers in the basketball, but it wasn’t enough to stop the home side winning the title.

Lincoln’s first point came in the Futsal, as they narrowly outdid a determined Derby side a close-fought 11-7 win. The second string football team were next to add to the scoreboard, after winning 3-1 despite Ryan Green’s late dismissal for violent conduct. Josh Nodder impressed there.

As news came in of a win in the equestrian events, Lincoln’s jubilation was multiplied as the men’s second string hockey team thrashed their opponents 5-0 back at Brayford Campus. At the same time the badminton team were putting the finishing touches on a 5-3 win over their Derby counterparts.

It all seemed to be too easy for Lincoln, but they were pegged back after Derby’s first choice men’s football team were victorious, winning 5-3 on penalties after a 1-1 draw at Riseholme.

The Lincoln lead though was stretched to 7-1 with wins in the rugby union (43-17) and women’s basketball (61-31). At that point it looked like the writing was on the wall for Derby, and a comfortable 42-16 win in the second string netball did little to improve the overall picture for them.

They picked up another win in the women’s hockey, and were hardly troubled by Lincoln – a fact not shown in the 2-1 scoreline. However the first choice netball team of Lincoln thrashed Derby 47-15, mathematically ending Derby’s hopes of ending Lincoln’s dominant Varsity run.

Another penalty win for Lincoln in the football, this time in the women’s game, rubbed further salt into the wound as Emily Hill starred.

By the time the men’s hockey and basketball teams had finished, the results were academic – but Derby stole both victories in controversy-laden encounters. The hockey game threatened to descend into a brawl at one point, as both captains were told to control their players, while one Lincoln Lakers player was cut and forced to go to A&E for stitches.


Futsal: Lincoln 11 Derby 7
Men’s Football 2ND team: Lincoln 3 Derby 1
Equestrian: Lincoln win
Men’s Hockey 2ND team: Lincoln 5 Derby 0
Badminton: Lincoln 5 Derby 3
Men’s Football 1ST team: Lincoln 1 Derby 1 (Derby win 5-3 on penalties)
Rugby Union: Lincoln 43 Derby 17
Women’s Basketball: Lincoln 61 Derby 31
Netball 2ND team: Lincoln 16 Derby 42
Women’s Hockey team: Lincoln 1 Derby 2
Women’s Football: Lincoln 3 Derby 3 (Lincoln win 9-8 on penalties)
Netball 1ST team: Lincoln 47 Derby 15
Men’s Hockey 1ST team: Lincoln 1 Derby 2
Men’s Basketball: Lincoln 47 Derby 83

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