Video: BBC College of Journalism visits university

— Video produced by Jonathan Cresswell

“We’re at a fascinating time,” said Kevin Marsh, one of the representatives from the BBC College of Journalism (BBC CoJo), who visited the University of Lincoln as part of the Journalists speak out on Journalism series.

The talk, on February 28th, was titled “Leaks and stings – vice or virtue” focused on the use of Wikileaks and its influence on journalism today. The discussion asked whether Wikileaks was the future of journalism and how useful it has been for journalists today. They also spoke about Wikileaks’ role and argued whether it had done more for the development and enhancement of journalism since it was launched or not.

Kevin Marsh, the executive editor of the college of journalism, has won various awards for his work across the corporation.

David Hayward is the director of BBC CoJo and has worked with many people to develop the website for journalists today. It was the first time the college had visited the University of Lincoln and they worked with students throughout the day working on investigative journalism and the use of subterfuge in the public eye.

Also visiting the university was Mike Smith, executive director of the international communications forum, who spoke to students about the history of the forum. He described the communications industry as “the largest industry in the world” something he is very passionate about and has worked in for many years.

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