Culture cuts – what does this mean to Lincoln?

In light of recent art cuts many art foundations across the country are set to have their budgets cut and some with devastating effects. But, what does that mean to the people of Lincolnshire and the heritage surrounding some of Lincoln’s most cultural sites?

Lincoln Drill Hall holds many events across the year, from comedy nights to the Beer Festival. Photo: Emma Greatorex

Since October 2010, the Lincoln Arts Trust has been responsible for sites across the city such as the Lincoln Drill Hall. Simon Hollingworth, director of the Drill Hall, spoke out about the future of one of the cities most prestigious sites.

Located in the heart of the city centre, the Drill Hall’s many visitors help boost the cities arts and entertainment culture. “As a community arts organisation we rely on the public’s subsidy,” Hollingworth explained.

“Our job is to generate money from sales and room hire to help keep the Drill Hall open,” he continued.

The public attend many of the events across the year. The venue has attracted many different artists and events from across the globe and their events are catered for anyone of any age. “We’re lucky that through what we’ve secured, we can continue to do popular mainstream projects, to cutting edge,” said Hollingworth.

The Drill Hall has played host to a wide range of events which broadens the availablity to the general public. “We wanted to provide an incredibly broad range of events to our visitors and that’s why we go from the Beer Festival to music and contemporary dance throughout the year.” Hollingworth explained.

The cuts are something the Drill Hall will have to face in the future and Hollingworth explained that it’s something they will have to consider: “Our main concern is from April 2012 onwards but, we still have Arts Council funding available to us.”

For now visitors can access the Drill Hall all year round. They can not only support the site by attending events or hiring rooms but they can get involved by attending workshops, volunteering and most importantly fund-raising to help secure the future and continuous maintenance and upkeep of the Drill Hall.

For more information about Lincoln’s Drill Hall and to find out how you can get involved visit the official website.

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