Harvey closes in on F1 dream

— Jack Teague contributed with this article

Lincoln’s number one racing driver Jack Harvey will make his debut in British Formula 3 in April, taking him a step closer to the highest platform of motor racing – Formula 1.

As the new Formula 3 season approaches for Jack Harvey, he’s getting ever closer to the dream drive in F1. Photo: Jakob Ebrey

The 17-year-old, who turns 18 on the weekend of his first Formula 3 race, has been given the chance to be part of the five time British Formula 3 championship winning team, Carlin.

Despite being a rookie, Harvey is aiming high during his first season of Formula 3: “The goals are to finish inside the top three, win some races and be close at the end of the year.

“You’re always aiming high and obviously we want to win, it’s the same with every other driver that has a racing licence – you want to win the series you’re racing.

“Realistically we want to finish inside the top three.”

Going up to Formula 3 presents new challenges, with more power and grip for the drivers to handle, but, having recently completed pre-season testing, Harvey believes that the more aerodynamic car suits his driving style.

“Testing has gone quite well. The performance on track has got better and the more comfortable I’ve got in the car it’s showed on track as well. We have high hopes for the season.”

Looking back on his season last year, Harvey says he had mixed emotions about finishing second, just 11 points behind the championship winner.

“It’s always difficult because people say you’d always take that at the start of the year, which you would have, but your expectations change across the season so we were a little disappointed not to win the championship.

“Winning wouldn’t have created any more opportunities for me. Being a driver I wanted to win, but it wasn’t the be-all and end-all that we didn’t.”

The British Formula 3 calendar sees Harvey travel to Monza for the first race of the season and he hopes he can add to his win there in his last Formula BMW race.

“I think if we have a solid opening race that will put us in a good stead and separate the stigma that goes along with being a rookie.

A dominant British calendar gives Harvey’s family the opportunity to watch him in action, something that has been difficult over the past few years with races abroad.

“Some of my family have already planned that they’re going to come down and see some of the races which is really nice because before they were limited with the flights and hotels abroad being so expensive.

“It’s been almost inaccessible.”

Although Harvey may be a few seasons away from Formula 1, he has already experienced the atmosphere following seasons of racing Formula 1 weekends in the Formula BMW series.

“Formula BMW supported Formula 1 so I always used to race on Formula 1 circuits.

“I speak to some of the drivers. Robert Kubica was one of the drivers who I spent most of my time with and I was obviously upset when he had his big accident and that he wouldn’t be racing for the start of the season.”
With time off this winter to relax, Harvey spent some time clay pigeon shooting—something he hopes to continue away from the track.

“I’ve been doing clay pigeon shooting for a little while but more recently I’ve really got into it, so I really enjoy doing that.

“I think it’s quite fun. It’s frustrating because some of the days I’ll go out there and I can’t hit anything, and then other days I’ll do quite well.”

The British Formula 3 season opens in Monza on the weekend of Saturday, April 16th.

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