Something borrowed, something new

The catwalks are alive with ‘70s disco fever; wide legged trousers and block colours are what’s hot, but with so much choice on the high street this spring’s wardrobe is going to be an expensive one to fill.

We’re all aware that rummaging through our grandmother’s wardrobe is a cheap and more authentic alternative to buying high street vintage, but borrowing from other members of the family will be just as valuable this season, including your dad.

So once you’ve found your key pieces borrow the rest and add a little extra to your ensemble – for free!

10. Boy’s cardigans
It’s time to give your nana her knitted cardigan back and steal your boyfriends! The androgynous look is one of this season’s key trends and matched with a pair of brogues and little white socks, his cardigan will be the perfect finish for that genderless look.

Hats are back - and none are better then the trilby. Photo: Tal Shafik

09. Trilby
Hats are back with vengeance this spring, they come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, fabrics and colours but the one to watch out for is the trilby. You’re most likely to find one of these hidden in the back of your dad’s wardrobe, so get rummaging! Wrapping a colourful ribbon around the base of it will make it look elegant and more on trend this season.

08. Broach
Another simple tip for pulling off the androgynous trend is tailoring; jackets and blazers are a hit with the high street right now but if you want a more individual, vintage feel to your look, ask your mum if she has any broaches which you can pin to the collar.

07. Ribbon
Bow ties are cool – and one of this season’s key accessories, but buying them brand new can be a little pricey. Instead, raid your mum’s sewing box for a ribbon or long piece of material and make your own! Wear it tied underneath the collar of a plain white shirt or blouse for more of that androgynous look.

06. Artificial flowers
It was once fashionable to wear shockingly large artificial flowers in your hair, but thankfully that trend died out a long time ago. However, this season Dolce and Gabbana introduced the floral wedge to the catwalk! So start recycling those old artificial flowers by pinning them to your winter wedges and bring them up-to-date.

05. Scarves
Silk scarves can be worn with almost every outfit in almost every way imaginable; tied around the waist and neck being two of the more popular options. However, this spring and summer is all about headwear so why not be a bit more imaginative and wrap your mum’s silk scarf around your head, because turbans are back!

04. White shirt
A plain white shirt is a staple ingredient for any girl’s wardrobe because there are so many ways to wear it. Borrow one from your brother and work it with any style; cropped, buttoned up, open, tucked in or pulled out, and don’t forget the hand-made bow tie!

03. Make-up
Sucking up to your sister may come in handy this season because make-up has exploded onto the high street in every colour imaginable. ‘70s disco glitter and pastel colours will awaken your eyes to the colours of spring.

02. Leather bag
You’ll often hear your mum say “fashion isn’t made to last these days” – and she may be right! Or it may just be because she has the money to indulge in high-quality materials, which is why her handbags are always the best to borrow! Real leather shoulder bags look very classy with any outfit.

01. Summer hats
She may not have made it in to our top ten picks with her hand-knitted cardigans this season, but our grandmother’s wardrobe is still the number one place to turn for vintage, raw fabrics. So in at number one is the floppy hat! Be big, bold and brave and don’t forget to add ribbon or artificial flowers to the bonnet for a more 70s summer vibe!

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