Lincoln battle of the bands comes to an end

This year’s Lincoln battle of the bands came to an end on Saturday, May 7th after four intense months, with Towering Heights taking the crown. The event, held at the Duke of Wellington pub on Broadgate, saw 50 local bands pitted against each other to try and find what judges believed to be the best band in the area.

Towering Heights were the winners of this year's Lincoln battle of the bands. Photo: Charlotte Kirk

With so many bands in the competition, weekly heats saw people eliminatedand those who survived the 10 gruelling weeks faced the semi finals and eventually the final for those lucky enough to make it there.

Dawn of Heartbreak, the runners up in the competition, were happy to have got as far as they did. “We’d only been together a few short months but we wanted to see how we faired against other local bands in a ‘judged’ environment,” said Gavin Burton, singer of the band.

“When we applied we’d only done just a handful of gigs so we were surprised with people’s reactions to us. We never expected to get through the first round, never mind get to the final! We played the best gig we could and hopefully have gained new fans from it so not winning just means we didn’t get the prizes and that’s all,” he said.

But obviously there is nothing better than winning and Towering Heights were the victors on the night, securing a headline show at Nottingham’s Rock City.

“It was quite a confidence booster to get through the heats. We did had a fair few technical issues throughout the competition, including sound guys breaking amps and Callum murdering his snare,” said Jordy Yates, guitarist of the band.

“We were quite confident that we’d get through to the finals as we came second in the last battle of the bands. We’re all really chuffed that we won and hopefully it will bring us better opportunities in the future.”

Towering Heights will be touring various places next week and will also be releasing “Prison” later this year. More information is available from their Facebook page.

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