Death By Fatal Murder was anything but deadly

— Kirsty Juniper contributed with this article

If you’re looking for a laugh and a night of pure entertainment, then “Death By Fatal Murder” is the perfect place to find it with an amusing and exciting performance at the Lincoln Theatre Royal.

The cast of Death By Fatal Murder who appear in the recent production. Photo: Ian Dickens Productions Limited.

A comedy twist on classic ‘whodunit’ murder mysteries, Ian Dickens Productions presents you with an evening full of slapstick comedy and ribald laughs in the style of “Allo Allo” and “Are You Being Served”.

“Death By Fatal Murder” is the third play in the Inspector Pratt trilogy by Peter Gordon, but it needed no introduction. With an all star cast there was no doubt that it would be a fun filled, entertaining evening.

When David Callister first made an appearance as Pratt, the whole stage lit up with his cracking performance. His charming, but somewhat idiotic character fills the story with cheeky innuendos and almost cringe worthy jokes that never fail to receive a snigger from the audience. His foolishness made you take an instant liking to the character.

Accompanied by Christopher Elderwood playing PC Thompkins (or Napkins as Pratt continually, to much laughter, accidentally called him), Pratt returns to Bagshot House to investigate the disappearance of Constable Atkins.

Whilst there, he finds himself in the middle of something much more complicated and chaotic. Where is the lady of the house’s estranged husband? What is she hiding? Is the barmy Welsh medium really conversing with dead spirits? And what happened to that mysterious cheese sandwich!?

Actor Leslie Grantham, more commonly known as Dirty Den from “Eastenders” plays Enzo Garibaldi and Richard Gibson whilst the brilliant Herr Flick from “’Allo ‘Allo” plays Squadron Leader Roger Allwright.

“Death By Fatal Murder” also stars Michelle Hardwick from “The Royal” as Nancy Allwright and Katy Manning from classic “”Doctor Who” as the eccentric Blodwyn Morgan.

The play is well suited to anyone who wants an evening of risqué jokes, raucous laughs and quality, unadulterated entertainment. A fantastic play if you’re new to trips to the theatre.

The show is in Lincoln until Saturday, June 25th at the Lincoln Theatre Royal and can be booked via their website or by calling the box office on 01522 519999.

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