Local bar to turn into a sensory room for album launch

Local musician Ian Brough will be turning the L4 bar on Guildhall Street into a sensory room on Thursday, August 18th for the launch of his self produced album “Surrounded By Autism And Comforting Lights”.

Brough, who originally came to Lincoln back in 2005 to study at the university, changed career paths upon graduation and has been working with young adults who have autism for the last three years.

Ian Brough (middle) will be turning the L4 bar into a sensory room with band mates Heidi Johnson (left) and Sam Harrison (right). Photo: Andy Benn

“When I graduated from university, I found it very difficult to get a job. As I’ve always has a passion for working with people who have autism, I opted to take a job working with people who suffer from the condition until I am able to get a job that relies on my advertising skills,” said Brough.

He had always had a passion for music and decided to draw upon his time spent within the sensory rooms where he worked to create an album that reflects the environment where he has been inspired to write.

“I believe that I have finally written a collection of songs that summaries my own character but also portrays the views of my friends and the world as I see it. This particular album is written about the things that I have experienced at my job working with autistic people,” he said.

Sensory rooms are designed to stimulate various senses through use of things like aromas and sounds, and provide a place where children and adults with special needs can explore and develop their senses and skills. They aim to provide a pleasant environment with no distractions form the outside world and are a place that can calm the over-active.

The L4 bar will be turned into a sensory room by incorporating relaxing lights such as lava lamps, sensory aids and bubble tubes all over the bar and a special sensory garden will be set up inside the bar as well.

Brough chose Lincoln as the place to launch his album with his band, Heidi Johnson and Sam Harrison, as it is the place that they feel has harboured their individual and combined talents and they want to give something back to it.

The evening will include local support from Red Light Return, Good Effort and The Rafters. Entry is free before 8.30pm and then £2 for the rest of the evening.

Samples of Brough’s music can be found here.

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