Dick and Dom in da Engine Shed

Having worked together for many years there must be some secret to the success of famous children’s television duo, Dick and Dom.

The boys were more than excited to get a glimpse of the city and take part in some local tourism before landing at The Engine Shed to welcome thousands of students to the university. They were also looking forward to a possible trip to the ever famous, Lincoln Cathedral. “We’re going to be be all about religion and churches tonight,” Dom explained.

Many people will remember Dick and Dom from children’s shows such as “Dick and Dom in da Bungalow”and “Splatalot!” as well as various other television programmes across CBBC. Like many other presenters they have other ventures and DJing is just one of them.

Dick and Dom visited the city as part of the 2011 Freshers' week lineup. Photo: PBJ and JBJ Management

Their gig promised to be something a little bit different but many people were unsure what to expect, were they really going to re-enact sketches from their television shows? “We always like to have a bit of a variety at our shows, we enjoy playing artists such as Green Day, Rage Against The Machine and The Arctic Monkeys to name a few. It’s a little bit different to what we do on the television,” Dom explained.

The boys explained how DJing was something that they’d always wanted to do and talked about the time they decided they wanted to break out into different industries. “We’ve always been into dance music, when we were living together we went out clubbing a lot. We bought some decks and got the old vinyl out in our living room,” Dick explained.

So what is the secret to the success and friendship of Dick and Dom? After many years working together surely there must’ve been some challenging times. After following in the footsteps of other famous childhood duo acts Ant and Dec, they have a lot of expectations to live up to.

Dick explained their career has stayed strong and their success has boosted their friendship: “It’s really simple, you’ve just got to get along with each other and we’ve thankfully remained friends throughout.”

Their recent guest appearance in “Horrid Henry: The Movie” came as a big shock to the duo who were surprised but also excited to see themselves on the big screen. After this film they have high hopes for a future in the film industry. “It was great to see ourselves on the big screen, but also rather bizarre, next year we’re going to be in Hollywood!” Dick exclaimed.

Many other Children’s television stars have left the industry and worked in different sectors such as sport and drama but the boys intend on staying in children’s entertainment for the foreseeable future.

“We’ve got plans to make a Dick and Dom spin off movie and our new series which is called “Diddy Dick and Dom” features mini Dick and Dom characters and comes out in February. It’s a really exciting time for us,” Dom explained.

With their famous chant of boogies following them around wherever they go, there seems to be no stopping Dick and Dom as they try to conquer the film industry like they did the TV one.

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