Bowling For Soup bowled over Lincoln once again

– Nathan Dack contributed with this report

Bowling For Soup didn’t fail to live up to expectations when they rocked the Engine Shed on Monday, October 24th. The American band performed to an audience who were clamouring to see them all through the warm up acts and continued right up until the final song of the evening.

Bowling For Soup proved a hit when they returned to the Engine Shed for the third time. Photo: Jason Janick

Right from the start, the show proved to be spectacular with support acts Orange and Sub-Urban Legends whipping the crowd into a frenzy. They did well to warm the crowd up and kept the experience going for the first hour and a half. A highlight came during Sub-Urban Legends’ set when they performed their own version of the song “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” from The Lion King.

The show reached it highest point when Bowling For Soup took to the stage. The fans screamed their admiration for the band as they walked onto the stage. Many fans found themselves singing along to the bands hits such as “High School Never Ends” and the bands own rendition of “Stacey’s Mom”.

The audience was kept entertained all through the bands time on stage, not just by their music, but by the continual banter between the band members between songs. They also used their time on stage to interact with the audience members, often listening to fans screaming their admiration.

At times the sound of unified clapping or screams of excitement were almost matching the sound levels of the music. People cheered and applauded the band who were performing some of their greatest hits and promoting their new album, “Fishing For Woos”.

Even towards the end of the night as the band performed what they said was going to be their final song of the evening, “1985”, the fans sang along with them and clapped during the song to the beat.

Even after the band had left the stage fans applauded and screamed for more, prompting them to come back and perform an encore of “Girl All The Bad Guys Want”, the one song that it seemed everyone had come to hear and ending the night on a high note..

The night was a great experience for any Bowling For Soup fan. The the talents and music from Bowling for Soup was what everyone came to see and hear and after promising in a recent interview with The Linc, that it would be the night of your life, they did not disappoint.

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