Campaigning begins for SU by-elections

Campaigning has begun for the Lincoln Students’ Union by-elections 2011, with seven people running for the five unpaid positions up for grabs.

Three people are running for the role of sports officer — second year law student Philip Harvey, third year criminology and forensic investigation student Komal Ramasawmy and second year journalism student John Fernandez.

Running unopposed for the role of postgraduate officer is child studies student Obiageli Uguru.

Although Sam Whewall was elected as RAG officer in the March elections, but he has since stepped down. Alex Hancock, who competed against him, is the sole person running to fill this role.

Ary Sharif, president of Lincoln SU, said: “The reason the role is vacant is down to Sam having other commitments and personal reasons behind it. I fully understand Sam’s decision and have supported him in the process.”

As well as those part-time officer positions, elections are also running for two NUS conference delegates, with 3rd year management and PR student Dan Derricott and 2nd year law student Francesca Anderson hoping to be elected.

Although only one person is running for most of the roles, students can vote for RON instead – to re-open nominations and repeat the election process for that position.

Some part-time roles at the SU remain unfilled, as no nominations were received for the roles of campaigns officer, societies officer and satellite campus officer.

A hustings event is due to take place to allow students to ask questions of the candidates at 12:30pm on Friday, October 28th at the Zing cafe, but the location was only announced just over two and a half hours before hustings was due to take place.

Voting opens Monday 31st October at 9am and shuts at noon the following Thursday, with results being announced in the Tower Bar later that evening.

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