Evile overcome adversity to rise again

Every band faces adversity at some stage in their career, be it line up changes, musical differences, or just a lack of success. When a band has to deal with genuine tragedy however, it can either destroy them or, in the case of Yorkshire metal band Evile, make them evolve into something great.

Yorkshire band Evile have recently released their third studio album "Five Serpents Teeth". Photo:

Formed back in 2004 by metal loving brothers Matt and Ol Drake, Evile quickly gained a reputation as one of the UK’s most ferocious and promising young metal bands.

When their debut album “Enter the Grave” hit shelves back in 2007, critics hailed it as a triumph and Evile where pushed to the forefront of the new thrash metal scene. The northern lads continued to ride the wave of success with 2009’s “Infected Nations” album, a slower heavier piece of work that showed how the band were quickly maturing into a metal powerhouse.

When it seemed like nothing could go wrong, tragedy struck. Their bassist Mike Alexander died of a pulmonary embolism while they were on tour in Europe. For a while it seemed as though Evile’s rise to stardom was cut tragically short but like a thrash metal phoenix, they rose again with new bassist, Joel Graham.

Drummer Ben Carter describes how the last few months have been for the young Yorkshire headbangers. “It’s been a combination of two years hard work, and I mean hard work. Obviously we’re playing with a new guy and there’s a really good feeling within Evile now. The album has far surpassed any-one’s expectations of what it could have been. I hope it’s going to take us into the big leagues of metal because we’re positive it’s a great album”.

It’s a goal that is clear to see on “Five Serpents Teeth”, as its massive sound and heavy riffs create an album that has the big time written all over it. With the talent on display it’s clear to see why Evile are having a lot of pressure placed on them by the UK metal community to lead the new wave of thrash, but Carter seems ready to step into the role.

“I think it’s a great accolade to have. To be called that is something that we never expected
in a million years. When people compare us to Onslaught and say we’re the leaders of the new UK thrash movement, Is just unbelievable. It’s a fantastic feeling to have. Whether we do it justice or not I don’t know,” he says laughing.

Thrash metal has always had elements of social awareness within it music and “Five Serpents Teeth” was written during an eventful time for the UK. Evile have done their best to put across the concerns of much of the British public in their music.

“We kind of pre-empted it with Infected Nation. The social decline within England, these misunderstood kids that don’t have anything to do, don’t have a goal to work towards, nothing to get up for in the morning. That’s just going to breed and breed until it’s too late for it to go back,” said Carter.

While their sound may have evolved into a much more thoughtful and brutal beast, Evile have managed to retain some of that innocent fun that makes thrash metal so special. The musicianship has now reached a level that allows them to stand amongst the greats while still keeping their tongues placed firmly in their cheeks.

With an extensive UK and European tour in the works, as well as a new video for the
track “Cult”, it seems Evile are ready to dominate stages and airwaves for the foreseeable future with “Five Serpents Teeth”.

From tragedy, Evile have managed to put the experience to good use and have become a stronger more confident band. One that will hopefully continue to go from strength to strength, thrashing faces and avoiding Metallica comparisons for as long as they can.

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