Example was the ‘last one standing’

Example has had quite the career, having tried a range of occupations before becoming a singer, including film-making and even comedy.

Example's performance at Lincoln's Engine Shed was his first in the city. Photo: David Wriglesworth

Real name Elliot Gleave, the singer and rapper bagged two consecutive number one singles earlier this year with “Changed the Way You Kissed Me” and “Stay Awake,” as well as a number one album – “Playing in the Shadows.”

As part of his Autumn/Winter 2011 tour, Example stopped off at Lincoln’s Engine Shed on Sunday, November 27th. The support at the gig came from local MC, Roxanne, and British electropop band, Fenech-Soler.

Opening the show with “Skies Don’t Lie,” the set list contained a mixture of tracks old as well as new ones. He also performed the likes of “See The Sea,” “Hooligans” and “Watch The Sun Come Up” from his 2010 album, “Won’t Go Quietly.”

Despite getting lost on a jog in Lincoln and ending up running 4.8 miles earlier that day, Example showed off his bundles of  energy as he bounced along on stage, encouraging the crowd to do the same. He regularly asked them to “grab hold of the person next to you” and also had a “who can bounce the highest?” competition.

This atmosphere was helped by the lighting system, which filled the Engine Shed with a variety of colours, flashing in different directions. It was something that could only be truly admired from a distance, especially the giant ‘E’ shaped structure that was attached above the stage.

The darker tones of Example’s latest album were evident in his performance which, in comparison to his previous gigs, featured a lot more dubstep. Furthermore, quite a few of the tracks performed were slow-paced, something that didn’t particularly go down well with some members of the crowd.

After performing his breakthrough song, “Kickstarts,” Example left the stage before returning for the encore. The encore began with two of his slower tracks, “Microphone” and “The Way,” giving the crowd, who he described as “a bunch of lunatics,” a break as they started to show signs of tiredness.

Nevertheless, the onlookers managed to find the energy for “Natural Disaster” and the finale, “Changed The Way You Kiss Me.” It was a great way to end a truly fantastic night.

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