Have a chance at getting into fashion

When fashion writer Sofia Shershunovich visited the University of Lincoln as part of its “Journalists Speak Out on Journalism” series, her ‘ten top tips’ on fashion seemed only to merge into one vital piece of advice; tweet, tweet and tweet some more.

Although social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can provide you with a clear channel to accessing and communicating with industry leaders, it’s almost impossible to break into the business without experience.

Have you got what it takes to become the next Freemans fashion writer? Photo: Kendra

“Getting work published on other websites is a great method to fast track your way to getting other fashion leaders to recognise your unique voice and style,” explains Sukhvinder Sangha, online acquisition manager for fashion retailer Freemans.

Freemans is one of the UK’s oldest catalogue shopping businesses and is a huge supporter of new, young talent. This month they are running a competition offering students the opportunity to gain some valuable experience in the fashion industry by having their work published on the Freemans.com fashion blog.

“We’re looking for someone with a keen sense of style who can cast a fresh eye over our products bringing a unique and engaging writing style to the Freemans.com fashion blog,” explains Sangha.

The Freemans competition follows on from the success of a previous contest launched earlier this year, with first prize going to Helen Wilkinson of Kent University for her piece on how to stay fashionable after forty.

“We’re looking for someone who understands our target market as well as being able to bring a sense of excitement while providing guidance to how our readers should style themselves for the upcoming Christmas party season,” says Sangha.

The competition is open to all students interested in fashion or fashion journalism, all you have to do is find the perfect party dress for this year’s holiday season using the Freemans.com catalogue as inspiration and write a blog post justifying your decisions.

“The fashion industry is highly competitive so we would recommend getting your name known as early as you can … It is extremely important to stand out from the crowd and become an authority on your subject,” says Sangha.

The competition closes on 30th November, for more information and to enter visit the Freemans.com fashion blog at http://www.freemans.com/blog/competitions

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