Harry David tries to make it big in London

– Samantha Coombes contributed with this report

With a new album set for release in the near future and his single being released recently, up and coming artist Harry David has moved to London to get his music heard.

“I’ve been living in London for a month now and it’s been a great month. I feel very lucky and grateful as I’ve been meeting a lot of people and getting my name about,” said David.

Harry David decided to take his music to London to get heard. Photo: John Batista

The Lincolnshire-based singer/songwriter started playing the guitar at the tender age of 13, before composing songs and singing around 18 years old.

David said that it was the music in his teen years which had the biggest influence on his own music such as Tracy Chapman and Eric Flats as well as “influences from my Mum’s sort of music. She used to listen to all sorts of mad pop music like ABBA and Lionel Richie,” David explained.

His single, “I Want More” is currently available as a free download on Soundcloud and from his website. David said it’s had great reactions from fans: “The feedback I’ve heard has given me a lot of belief in what I’m doing; people have been saying lovely things. I’m really glad people are enjoying it and connecting with it.”

David’s debut album is expected to be released some time at the end of next year. He admitted that he prefers to take a relaxed approach when writing new material. “When I was pressurised to write more it didn’t come out the way I wanted. So with this I’ve sat back a bit, soaking it up and letting it happen. I’ve got quite a bit of material I’ve been working on for a while. I’ve nurtured each song and taken time over it and its worked well for that reason,” he said.

David has had a lot of support within the Yorkshire gig scene, playing a number of venues as well as playing the main stage at Staxonbury Music Crowns Festival which was his highlight of the summer. “I got to play the main stage which was cool and I also got to perform in the acoustic tent. It was absolutely packed and everyone was joining in and singing along!” he explained.

His songs have been played on a number of radio stations such as BBC Radio York which was for part if BBC Introducing. He said: “I’ve had the opportunity to be interviewed and perform live. For me it’s a good experience more than anything. Its character building in your music career as it’s the sort of thing you have to do.”

David has also been co-writing tracks with Lincolnshire based rapper Linc for his mix-tape 11:11 which he said is “sounding pretty amazing”. “It’s good fun because it gets me out of my own writing zone and I do things I wouldn’t normally do,” he explained.

He also gave a huge thanks to his fans for their support: “Thanks to anyone who’s stuck around to watch me perform then afterwards checked me out or bought a CD. It’s been critical for me and I absolutely appreciate it.”

David’s track “I Want More” is available to download for free from his website.

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