‘Underworld: Awakening’ is out of this world

–Samantha Coombes contributed to this report.

Kate Beckinsale returns as the bloodthirsty vampire huntress Selene in Underworld Awakening. But this time she is back with a vengeance. And my, is she brutal.

She’s thrown into a world where humans are killing off every Lycan and Vampire to stop ‘the infection’, giving the leather clad vampiress the perfect opportunity to show off her much improved killing skills in the first five minutes of the film. The antics on a stairwell are the most impressive.

Kate Beckinsale plays leather clad vampire huntress Selene. Photo: Sony Pictures

But just as she reaches her Lycan lover Michael (Scott Speedman), both are almost killed off, but not for long. Selene then finds herself awakened from a frozen chamber 12 years on, catapulting her into a unrecognisable world where Lycans and Vampires are almost extinct.

Haunted by visions of her loved ones possible death as well as the unexplained ventures of another, she goes on a mission to find Michael and take revenge against the ones who captured her. But what she discovers is far worse than she thought, with the secret plans of Dr Jacob Lane (Stephen Rea) threatening the existence of the last surviving Vampires, whilst the discovery of the first hybrid child, Eve (India Eisley) may be the last hope for her kind as Selene declares war on humans and Lycans alike.

Yes, the film is the typical supernatural action horror, but it ticks all those boxes so well you can’t miss it if that’s what you love. Selene is meaner, slicker and sexier than before, killing off her enemies without a glint of care. Plus, those enemies are much tougher, pushing the CGI to its maximum in flawless 3D as Selene even struggles to defend herself against one particular enemy. But you can find that out when you see the movie.

Måns Mårlind’s and Björn Stein’s direction goes against the usual mythological bogus surrounding the monsters, creating a fresh modern look for the beasts with the help of genetic modification and the idea of a hybrid child. But you still get plenty of blood and guts which is so loved in films like these, to keep you occupied.

However, some may find this film a step down from the first three as the delightful evils of Bill Nighty and Michael Sheen are absent. But, what you do get is a fresh new take that keeps you hooked to your seat with stunning visuals and plenty of gory kiss ass action that plans to go into a sequel.

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