Hadouken to ‘mic check’ in Lincoln later this month

– Hannah Gilbey contributed with this report.

Lincoln will soon play host to one of the UK’s biggest indie dance acts, as Hadouken! get ready to hit the Engine Shed on Tuesday, April 24th.

Made up of lead singer James Smith, keyboardist Alice Spooner, guitarists Daniel Rice and Christopher Purcell, and drummer Nick Rice, the band first hit the music scene in 2006 and became a hit with their  2007 indie-rave classic “That Boy That Girl”, released on their own label, Surface Noise Records. Hadouken! have since become indie-rave icons, known for their energetic shows and hard-hitting “grindie” electro sounds.

Hadouken will be playing a selection of songs when they come to the Engine Shed. Photo: Ministry of Sound

It’s exciting times for the group at the moment – and lead singer James chuckles as he agrees. After being signed to the Ministry of Sound Label last year and new single “Parasite” getting its first ever world play on Radio 1 this month, it’s all kicking off for them.

James is excited about fans hearing “Parasite” for the first time: “The fact that we haven’t put any music out for so long means that people finally get to hear it, and we get some reactions!”

The band’s last album “For the Masses” reached the top 20 in the UK music charts, with its throaty bass-lines and fresh electro beats. Their eagerly awaited third album has been a long time in the making, says James: “It’s actually about two years since we started it. We’re getting to the end of that process now, about 85% of the way there and really confident about the material.”

Fans can expect fresh, new sounds from the album, but still with lots of anthemic electronic beats and bass lines, he explains. “We went through a bit of a change, signed to a new record label Ministry Of Sound. They pushed us in a better direction, and got us hooked up with different artists and producers. It’s still got that Hadouken! sound, but has different new elements that help bring it forward and make it right up to date.”

With this year’s UK tour and a festival-filled summer to look forward to, things certainly look hectic for the group. But while some bands find touring exhausting, it’s something that James says the band is used to: “I get annoyed if I’m standing still and nothing to do” he laughs. “We’ve been around a long time now and it feels very natural for us to be on the road. It’s great to get back, get out there again and do it, and showcase our music.”

Hadouken! supported Pendulum on a nationwide stadium tour just two years ago, have worked with the likes of Nosia, and remixed artists such as Bloc Party and Plan B. But James says the band still enjoys playing smaller venues and cities: “When you play a big festivals you have all the big crowds, but at the same time they’re more casual listeners. But when you play your own gig at a smaller venue you get such a good atmosphere, and people who have paid to come and see you.”

And the band certainly has a lot planned for its Lincoln show: “It will be what everyone expects from us, we like to start the party. We like to have a bit of a riot and get the crowd going and get everyone hyped up.”

But James thinks that fans will notice the difference in the band this time: “We’ll have longer sets, we’ve got more songs than ever and we’re better rehearsed than ever, we’re tighter than we’ve ever been. I think people will notice the change if they haven’t seen us in a few years.”

And he has a final message to anyone not sure about going: “Come down and experience it for yourself. When we come, we come to play loud music, very fast and lots of people get moving. I can honestly say not many bands do it like we do. It’s not just people wagging their chins, it’s everyone getting straight in there and just raving!”

Tickets are available now from www.hadouken.com, or via the Engine Shed’s website and box office. They are priced at £12 each with doors opening at 7pm.

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