University evacuated in hoax bomb scare

Words by John Fernandez.

Students using the University of Lincoln main campus received a shock yesterday, as they were evacuated after a hoax bomb scare.

The Main Admin Building was evacuated yesterday after a hoax bomb alert on campus.


All staff, students and anybody on the campus were asked to evacuate and staff at the university were told to go home for the day.

The centre of attention appeared to be the campus’s architecture building, with alarms sounding there for over an hour after the original evacuation.

Lincolnshire Police (@lincspolice) were keen to stop any rumours being spread on social networks about the incident and tweeted “Please follow our tweets for trusted information – please do not engage in rumour and speculation which can cause unnecessary fear”.

The evacuation was ordered after the university received a hoax e-mail. The university released a statement in which they said that “buildings were evacuated as a precaution”.

“Police have since left the scene. It is believed that this was a hoax incident. There is no cause for alarm for neighbouring residents or businesses.”

Lincolnshire Police conducted a search of the campus and architecture building, however nothing was found. Buildings remained closed for the rest of the day yesterday but will open as usual today.

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