Audiences “Reaching Out” for Nero at DJ set

Nero’s Joe Ray stepped away from some of the band’s worldwide tour dates to play a DJ set at Lincoln’s Engine Shed on Wednesday, September 19th.

Nero band member, Joe Ray performed at the launch of the Engine Shed's newest club night, "Shuffle." Photo: Vince Kmeron

A mix of heavy beats and haunting vocals from singer, Alana Watson has earned Nero recognition not just in their native dubstep genre, but across the dance music world.

The group released their debut album, “Welcome to Reality,” in August last year, reaching number one in the UK Albums Chart. In the same month, they also topped the UK Singles Chart with their single, “Promises.”

Nero band member and DJ, Joe Ray returned to Lincoln as part of the 2012 Fresher’s Week line-up – and Nero’s first Lincoln date since headlining Moda’s “Wild In the City” earlier this year.

Support on the night came from house DJ’s Rory Murphy and Ben Webb, as part of new club night “Shuffle.”

The crowd were well and truly worked up by the time Ray took to the stage, amongst chants of the band’s name from the crowd.

Nero wasted no time as they got straight into some of their biggest singles. Ray started the set off with the earth-shaking beats of “Doomsday”.

The crowd was soon moving to a mix of Nero’s own releases, big dance tracks and remixes – it was only a matter of time before a mosh pit formed along to some of their heavier tracks.

Nero’s 2011 single “Guilt” followed. The single was previously named Zane Lowe’s “Hottest Record in the World’ and reached number eight in the charts.

“Crush On You”, which samples The Jet’s 1985 single of the same name, sparked an ’80s atmosphere amongst the audience with an ultra-fast pop electro beat, breaking into a heavy bass line.

The euphoric “Reaching Out” prompted a ‘hands in the air’ moment and allowed some breathing space, before Ray broke out Nero’s brand new collaboration with dubstep artist, Skrillex.

Having already created a heady atmosphere, Ray fed the crowd rock metal anthems by System of a Down and then “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys. The DJ and band member had the entire audience crouch down on the floor and jump upwards when the beat hit.

Ray ended the set with the chart-topping, “Promises” – leaving Lincoln with no doubt that Nero had lived up to all the promises of a great night.

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