Lethal Bizzle tells Lincoln crowd to ‘Go Hard’

Lethal Bizzle returned to Lincoln to play a short set at the city’s Tokyo nightclub on Friday, September 21st. The London-born rapper performed as part of the Lincoln Parties 2012 Fresher’s Week line up.

Lethal Bizzle performed hits including "Pow (Forward)". Photo: Lincoln Parties

Now coming up to his fourth studio album, Lethal Bizzle has spent almost a decade in the music industry since his days in the More Fire Crew.

Lethal Bizzle’s first single “Pow (Forward)” crashed onto the UK music scene in 2004, amidst a huge resurgence in garage and hip-hop music, reaching number 11 in the UK music charts.

The 28-year-old rapper has since earned a huge cult following – something which showed in the crowd’s reaction as he stepped on stage.

Backed by a resident DJ, the hip-hop come grime artist performed a few of his best known hits, as well as treating the crowd to new material.

Kicking off the set with the heavy beats of “Leave It Yeah,” the track was rewinded back to the start and the audience began shouting the lyrics back.

Between songs he paused to work up the crowd, throwing t-shirts from his own clothing line into the audience.

At one point, Lethal Bizzle turned his back to the crowd, saying: “I’m gonna do this one like I’m at a wedding!” before throwing the last of the branded t-shirts backwards and watching audience-members dive to reach them.

The opening vocals of “Not a Saint” saw a slight change of pace in the set, before bringing the beat back with a big, distorted bass-line.

New release, “Blinded” helped finish the set with its haunting female backing vocals and heavy dubstep-like sound, before breaking in to “Pow (Forward)” to end his performance on a high.

All-in-all, Lethal Bizzle left the Tokyo crowd in high spirits, with a short but sharp music set.

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