Twisted Wheel can’t wait to ‘Do It Again’ in Lincoln

Since releasing their new album, “Do It Again,” on September 17th, Twisted Wheel  have already had crowds screaming their songs back at them, as part of their latest tour.

Twistsed Wheel's tour stops off at the Engine Shed on Monday the 15th October. Photo: Key Music Management

The band is hoping the reception will be just as good when they visit the Engine Shed on Monday, October 15th. Lead singer, Jonny Brown spoke to The Linc.

Brown said: “It’s been good to play the new songs off the new album. The crowd’s been singing them all and every show has been full!”

The Manchester lads are no stranger to Lincoln either, having previously played at the Engine Shed as support for Kasabian and Reverend and the Makers.

This time they’re all on their own, and it’s not holding them back. Brown said: “We’ve definitely got some fans in Lincoln and a lot of people have been going on the Internet saying their looking forward to the gig. I can’t wait to get there.”

However, according to Brown, the new album shows the bands slightly softer side compared to their 2009 album, “Twisted Wheel.” He said: “People thought it would be like the previous album, which is quite punk, but it’s a lot more mellow on this one which surprised a lot of people.”

He continued: “We didn’t want to do what everyone expected us to do. I’d describe it as pure classy balls out rock n’ roll, with some nice mellow soothing tracks on there too.”

The change in sound may also have something to do with the many influences for the album. He said: “The Clash, The Kinks, The Beatles, Sex Pistols and David Bowie. They’re the main influences and there’s others like Joy Division and Arctic Monkeys.”

He added: “Some of the influences come from not just music, it’s been inspired by life and people and things that have happened as well.”

The Manchester rock n’ rollers also released new single “Ride” as it’s “a bit different.” According to Brown: “It’s all about the start of the band and what we do. We thought the song would pick us a new audience as well.”

However, Brown said that Ride isn’t the only thing pleasing the crowds on the tour: “They all go down in different ways as Ride is mellower than the stuff we normally do. They go mental for a few songs as we start off pretty rocky then mellow it out. People seem to appreciate the change.”

To those planning on going to the gig, Brown gives you a little bit of homework: “Buy the new album and make sure you know the songs. It’s going to be good to play to!”

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