Brother and Bones rock The Soundhouse

Brother and Bones played The Soundhouse in Leicester on Thursday, November 8th, in front of a crowd of local revellers and avid fans.

Brother and Bones performed at The Soundhouse as part of their second headline tour. Photo: Matt Holloway Photography

The three support bands struggled to create much of an atmosphere, but the final act, Doubting Thomas delivered an enjoyable performance, with some brilliant quirky beats.

However, it wasn’t long before the southern quintet took to the stage, as they were nearing the close of their second headline tour, in promotion of their new “For All We Know” EP.

There was no messing about as the band came on stage as they roared into their raucous, set opener. Frontman, Richard Thomas said: “It’s nice to come somewhere where people just wanna have a good time and stuff, so go nuts. Maybe pour a pint over yourself.”

The crowd started as a rather docile bunch, gently swaying to the bands folky, blues inspired rock and roll. However, one punter was definitely up for pouring a pint over himself from the start, as he marauded about the crowded dancefloor, stomping his feet and roaring at the band.

Sound problems aside, the set went down brilliantly, with the more lively songs like “Back To Shore” and “Follow Me Down” being received with rejuvenated energy by the crowd, as the band thrashed about wildly on the tiny stage.

The band were obviously loving the close-quarters of the small pub venue. Thomas slowed things down for the new EP’s title track, “For All We Know,” which saw the entire crowd stop in unison and fall deathly silent, until the pounding percussion boomed in as the band roared the final haunting chorus.

With the beers flowing the crowd really started to warm to the band at the tail end of the set. “Don’t Forget to Pray” was greeted with the best reception by the crowd and had the 100 strong audience stomping away as Thomas screamed: “Give me something to fear that ain’t already here. Give me something to fear and I won’t forget to pray.

The pure, visceral vigour of the bands gutsy performance shook the small venue to its very foundations and, as the band came back for an encore, it was clear things needed to be slowed down a little.

After a stripped down little song, the band finished off with a song from their first EP, “Show Me Love,” to conclude a brilliant night.

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