Holdsworth: ‘The only person that needs a rest is me’

– Greg Draper contributed to this report.

Lincoln City are unbeaten in seven games and the Imps are looking at extending that to eight with a winnable Blue Square Premier League fixture at Barrow today.

Lincoln City manager, David Holdsworth described today's match against Barrow as a "tough, crucial match." Photo: Andrew West

Speaking at the pre-match press conference, manager, David Holdsworth looked like a man who was very content with the current situation Lincoln City are in, oozing confidence.

Discussing today’s fixture, Holdsworth said: “The Barrow pitch should not be an excuse. It’s just another match. We need to make the sure the team are geared up and ready for what is going to be a tough crucial match.

“Barrow are a wounded animal, that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The team still need to be focused and confident and make sure we don’t become arrogant.”

When questioned about the squad, more specifically the starting eleven, Holdsworth was very conclusive that he wishes to keep the same eleven as much as possible.

He noted the fact that the 3-0 victory against Braintree was the first time he had the same starting eleven for two games running and he hopes to keep it this way: “Keeping the same eleven will keep balance to the team. They will gel better together and mature as a team. The whole team must be determined and play for the club and not themselves.”

Holdsworth explained that Walsall is “just another game.” When asked the question whether he wanted to rest anyone for the tie, the manager responded  “The only person that needs a rest is me.”

Lincoln are currently three points above the relegation zone, but only three behind the top ten. Today’s game could potentially be the first ‘six pointer’ of the season for Lincoln, and almost certainly the most important week for the club this year.

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