Lostprophets “Bring an Arsenal” to Lincoln fans

Lostprophets performed at the Engine Shed for the second time in three years on Tuesday, November 13th.

Fans old and new turned up to hear the Welsh punk rockers “scream their hearts out” as they brandished their Lostprophets band t-shirts.

Lostprophets performed an eclectic mix of old and new hits at the Engine Shed. Photo: Hannah Gilbey

Support band, Pure Love warmed up the crowd with their overwhelming confidence – down to ex-Gallows front man Frank Carter’s brash demands to make sure the crowd were singing and jumping to their punk-rock tracks.

Then it was the turn of Essex rockers, We Are the Ocean who, despite losing vocalist Dan Brown this year, still ruled over the crowd with their catchy beats. Liam Cromby’s powerful vocals soon had the crowd dancing, with hits such as “The Waiting Room.”

Once the support band finished their set, the stage went black, building the tension as the Lostprophets fans awaited the entrance of their idols.

The stage then became illuminated with bright blue light, revealing a huge Lostprophets banner across the back of the stage, as well as drummer Luke Johnson’s drum kit.

The screams grew louder as each band member came on to the stage one-by-one, dressed in black skinny jeans and white tops. The noise then reached a new high as lead singer, Ian Watkins walked on stage in a black military jacket, shirt, tie and skinny jeans.

The crowd turned into a sea of waving arms and jumping bodies as soon as the Welsh rockers burst into “Where We Belong”  from their 2010 album, “Betrayed,” before playing the riff busting “New Transmission” from the 2006 album, “Liberation Transmission.”

The entire set kept to Johnson’s promise that the band would be “keeping it fresh,” as they played all of their classic hits, including “Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)” and “A Town Called Hypocrisy,” as well as “Burn Burn” and “Last Train Home.”

But the band didn’t stop there. They went on to play crowd pleaser, “Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja” and their current single, “We Bring an Arsenal,” which the crowd responded to with chants of “whey-oh, whey-oh” back at the band.

The Welsh rockers proved they still have the ability to surprise by tweaking their set, after the crowd chanted “Godzilla,” catapulting the band into the heavy punk rock track, “We Are Godzilla, You Are Japan.”

With Lostprophets fans still pumped up as the gig drew to a close, the band went out with a bang in for the form of “Everyday Combat,” which sent the crowd (once again) into a frenzy of jumping bodies and arms.

It’s clear the band still know how to please their fans by giving them an eclectic mix of old and new hits. As the band continue the rest of their UK tour, Lostprophets are a great live act that must be witnessed, as they bring with them a following of loud and excitable fans.

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