Mother and daughter hoping to be a ‘cut’ above the rest

– Aaron Faunch contributed to this report

A mother and daughter have joined forces to fight against bad hairstyles in Lincoln with their newly opened hair salon.

Hair 100 Lincoln is a new hair salon on Burton Road ran by a mother and daughter. Photo: Edwards Harvey PR

After a month of painting walls, ripping out carpets and bringing in new furniture, business manager mum, Annette Dickens and hair stylist daughter, Aimie, have opened a new salon called “Hair 100 Lincoln.”

The pair had spent years thinking about opening a salon, but had been waiting for the right time and place. Finally, they found it; a small, purple-filled, old salon on Burton Road and they went for it. With the help of Annette’s husband, John, they turned it into a modern and inviting space for Aimie to work in.

With eleven years of experience as a hairdresser, Aimie had built up a group of loyal clients, having previously cut people’s hair at home. She said: “We really needed it to open because my clients were so desperate to get in. I wanted them to be here, rather than having their heads over the sink.”

However, it’s not just familiar faces. The doors have been open for less than three weeks, yet many new customers, including students (thanks to a 10% discount), have been coming in. Annette says: “All the locals have been really supportive. It’s a busy street and a lot of people use us rather than going into town. There is a lot of passing trade as people are curious.”

Aimie’s years of experience and desire to own her own business meant she was excited to open, but Annette did admit she was nervous before opening: “I was thinking ‘oh my goodness, what have I done?’ Hairdressing is so alien to me. That was what I was worried about.”

They couldn’t believe how smoothly everything has been going with only a minor delay in hair products to arrive before they had opened. Annette explained “all three of us (myself, my husband and Aimie) all knew the bits we were good at and kept to them, and it worked well. There weren’t any major faults.”

Annette says that they make good partners: “It is more like working with a friend than a daughter. I haven’t a clue about the hairdressing and I don’t interfere at all. Aimie gets on with that side and it works really well.”

She continued: “We consult each other but we don’t argue. If one of us thinks that’s not right, we will say so. I think we get on alright.”

In fact, things are going so well for the mother and daughter, that they are both thinking about the future. They already have advertising out for more hairdressers, and there are also plans to open a Hair 100 in another town.

But Annette is planning on having less of a role in the future: “I actually thought I was retired. Eventually Aimie will take on the business side as well and I can step back again.”

One Response to Mother and daughter hoping to be a ‘cut’ above the rest

  1. Gary says:

    I am non too pleased about my haircut at Hair 100. From leaving the salon about a week ago, I have done nothing but fight off amorous women who are only interested in my looks and not my personality. As I am 48 and some of the girls who mob me are of the age to appeal to BBC staff, the situation is very embarrassing. I cannot leave the house without a stick with something very unpleasant on the end, unless I wear a motorcycle helmet to hide my haircut. The trouble is, this salon is *too* good…..