Student burglaries in Lincoln on the rise

Lincolnshire Police has revealed that the amount of burglaries of student residences in Lincoln has gone up by over 15% in the last academic year (2011-2012), compared to the previous year.

However, the results only include the incidences that have been reported to the police by students.

Accommodation provider, Lighthouse recommend taking out contents insurance, locking doors and keeping valuables out of clear sight. Photo: Ian Britton
Judith Carey, Director of Student Affairs at the University of Lincoln, said: “The university liaises very closely with Lincolnshire Police in the advice and updates that it delivers to students, both at the beginning of term and throughout the year, on the protection of valuables and securing their homes whilst studying.

“Helpful information and links are available for all students on the Student Services portal pages. Updates are given by both Lincolnshire Police and Student Services, should anything occur in the local community that students should be mindful of.”

Former student, Sean Ringwood had his temporary accommodation burgled while he was at university last year: “We all went out for the night and when we got back we realised our house had been burgled. There’s obviously that sense of intrusion which makes you feel uncomfortable in your own house after the burglary.

“There’s always the worry though that the same people might come back and do it again which is a bit scary.”

Ringwood continued: “The Lincolnshire Police were actually very good in dealing with it. They came round, they took quotes and comments, then a couple of forensic policemen came and dusted for fingerprints.

“They kept in contact with us regularly throughout the process and eventually a man was charged and prosecuted for the crime. The gutting thing was that he didn’t get a very long sentence in the end.”

Accommodation provider, Lighthouse work with students to try and reduce the risk of burglaries. When faced with the new figures, a spokesperson said: “The students are recommended to take out contents insurance when they enter the property at the start of the year.

“We work very closely with the Lincolnshire Police and the university’s Student Affairs department throughout the year to try to combat student burglaries.”

“The ones in the area that have happened have usually been simply to do with tenants leaving the property and leaving ground floor windows open, so we really just recommend locking all doors when you leave and keeping valuables out of clear sight.”

Lincolnshire Police have been unavailable to comment on the figures at this time.

One Response to Student burglaries in Lincoln on the rise

  1. Evan says:

    Same thing happened to us on Carholme Road back at the start of Fresher’s Week. They got in through our locked front door while we were out, and ClubEasy still refuses to process our contents insurance claim on the grounds that no damage was done to the house by the burglars.