The Pigeon Detectives to return to Lincoln

– Becca Roe contributed to this report.

The Pigeon Detectives return to Lincoln on Sunday, November 18th, to play a live set as part of a new UK tour.

Best known for hits including "Take Her Back" and "This Is An Emergency," The Pigeon Detectives return to Lincoln, having previously performed in the city last year. Photo: Hannah Gilbey

The night marks their second appearance at Tokyo Lincoln and the beginning of the band’s “Winter Warmer” five-date tour of the U.K. Since forming in 2004, the indie-rock band from West Yorkshire has released three studio albums to date.

Made up of lead, Matt Bowman, Oliver Main and Ryan Wilson on guitar, Dave Best on bass and Jimmi Naylor on drums, the fivesome have a reputation for rowdy stage performances, coupled with boundless energy from Bowman.

Gaining notoriety amongst the British rock scene, with singles such as “I’m Not Sorry” and “This Is An Emergency,” they have supported the Kaiser Chiefs on tour and have appeared at numerous music festivals, most recently at Leeds Festival back in August.

Their debut album, “Wait For Me” was released back in 2007 and hit number three in the UK music charts in its first week. Songs such as “Take Her Back” and “I Found Out” were championed by new music pioneers Jo Whiley and Zane Lowe, quickly working their way to the top of the Radio 1 playlist.

“Emergency” was the ‘difficult second album’ for The Pigeon Detectives – which proved not to be quite so difficult, notching up a number five position in the UK album charts.

After a three-year break and scattered festival dates, their third album, “Up, Guards And At ‘Em!” was released in April last year, injecting a flash of indie rock pop into the music scene.

Bowman spoke to The Linc backstage following the band’s previous Lincoln date, and said he felt they had more time now to enjoy touring: “We’re loving it! We could probably be accused of being a bit complacent. During Wait For Me and Emergency, we were touring that much every venue blended into one and each gig became the same gig but a different night.”

He continued: “Every gig seems special again and we’ve got that hunger back. I think the audience are getting the best out of the band, and we’re certainly enjoying it like we did at the beginning.”

Fellow bandmate, Wilson said that it wasn’t hard deciding what to play, despite having time out: “We’re not one of those bands that will be pretentious and just play our new record. We appreciate that we’ve made our name with earlier records and people really like them.”

Bowman agreed: “I think we’re a better band, a tighter band now. The audiences are as good as they’ve ever been, if not better!”

If last years’ adrenaline fuelled performance is anything to go by, this one is not to be missed.

Tickets are £13.50 from Tokyo Lincoln box office and will be available to collect from the venue shortly before the event.

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