Library fines reach £200,000 in two years

The University of Lincoln has raised almost £200,000 from library fines over the last two years.

In the 2010-11 academic year, the GCW University Library raised £102,455 from fines incurred by students. Meanwhile, £94,177 was raised due to fines on overdue books during the 2011-12 academic year.

Library fines are given out to students who fail to return books in time. Photo: Tom Larken

The figures were obtained through a Freedom of Information request made to the University of Lincoln. Compared to previous figures, library fines stood at £89,902 in 2008/09, and at £95,127 the following year.

Former University of Lincoln student Oliver Gibbons said: “I’ve never understood the idea of complaining about library fines being ‘too high’.

“It’s really not that hard to return a book, or take it out for longer. I understand there are a few cases where people have circumstances that make it difficult to do so, but I reckon it’s mostly just people being lazy or forgetting, in which case, is your own fault.”

Sam Kelham, who currently studies Media Production at the university, said: “As long it gets pumped back into the university in some noticeable way, that’s fine. Students know the terms when they take a book out.”

Another student Rob Graham argues that the money is not being invested well enough: “Can they not do something with that £200,000?” He suggested the money was spent on more reliable computers.

The GCW University Library tweeted that the money raised “goes towards the cost of running the library and its services”.

2 Responses to Library fines reach £200,000 in two years

  1. Ian Snowley says:

    In reply to Rob Graham’s comment – over the Summer ICT replaced the majority of the PCs in the Library (over 300) with new faster ‘Thin Client’ cloud based devices. These have already proved to be better and more reliable than the PCs they replaced. We do have a couple of isolated problems with the power circuits in the Library which has affected a few computers – Estates are working on a solution to these problems.

    Ian Snowley
    University Librarian

  2. Hi Ian, would you be up for a quick meeting to go over what money has been spent on. Would be great to get the Library’s perspective.

    I’m on