‘The Breaking Dawn’ of a new age: life after ‘Twilight’

– James Hicks contributed to this report

I have a terrible secret, something that I have never admitted to anyone. It is time for me to stand up and proudly (I use that term very loosely) admit that I am a Twi-hard fan.

"The Twilight Saga", which starred Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, may have come to an end but there are alternatives out there. Photo: Summit Entertainment.

Before you stop reading, let me explain. Ever since I watched the first “Twilight” in 2008 I was hooked. It wasn’t a work of art and nor will it stand the test of time like “Titanic”, but I found myself enjoying it through no will of my own. It is the film series we hate to love.

If you have been living under a rock for the past four years, it is about a human girl who falls in love with a vampi… oh, you know the story. Moving on.

Fans have voiced mixed views following the release of the final “Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2” movie. On one hand they get to see how the beloved series ends but, along with the end of the huge Harry Potter film franchise, what is there to obsess over now?

Film-lovers across the world are mourning the end of their favourite sullen teenagers. Unlike vampires, the Twilight saga has died and the fans will need something else to sink their teeth into.

But if the end of the Twilight films feels as though your heart has been pieced with a wooden stake, then have no fear. There’s still plenty of ‘fang’tastic supernatural entertainment to quench your thirst with.

If you have only just been bitten by the vampire craze, then there are many television shows for you to consume. “The Vampire Diaries” and “True Blood” might be just what you are looking for. These are two shows which don’t ‘suck’, both boasting an impressive cast, fantastic writing and just as much eye candy.

Perhaps you are over the vampire craze but not over melodramatic teenage love. “The Hunger Games” is considered to be the superior counterpart of “Twilight.” Based upon the books by Suzanne Collins, it contains plenty of action, heartbreak, a love triangle – and not a vampire in sight.

A new “Beauty and the Beast” is set to hit our TV screens in early January which is sure to cure any post supernatural creatures blues. Featuring a love story between a young girl and a handsome monster, it’s probably enough to make any Twilight fan salivate with excitement.

If none of these suggestions satisfy you, then there’s no harm in reliving the Twilight saga – through either the films, or by picking up the paper version in any good bookshop.

So, yes, the saga has ended. You can either nail yourself in a coffin until they decide to crack out some vampire action once again on the big screen, or just check out some alternative suggestions. Perhaps, in time, any ‘Twi-hards’ will find themselves obsessed with a new franchise.

Rest in peace Twilight – we will reluctantly always remember you.

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