Mr. B is ready to spread some good old ‘Chappishness’ in Lincoln

On Thursday, January 31st, 2013, Lincoln’s residents can hear what rap in the Queen’s English really sounds like when Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer performs at the Strait and Narrow Beer Bar.

Mr.B will bring chap-hop in all its glory to Lincoln. Photo: Dan Fullerton-McIntyre

Mr. B first rose to fame when  he released debut album “Flattery Not Included” in 2008 before his video for “Chap-Hop History” reached over half a million views on YouTube.

At the Strait and Narrow, Mr. B will rap his way through stories about being ‘like a chap’ in high society, pipe-smoking and keeping a stiff upper lip accompanied by his trusted banjolele.

Lincoln fans can hear the comedic hits from “The Tweed Album”, released in June 2012. The album has already been toured across the country and at Glastonbury festival, and quite a success according to the Gentleman Rhymer: “It’s been marvellous. Everyone was pleased when the album came out and it seems to have gone down well!”

Mr. B is now beginning work on his fourth studio album with the planned title of “Can’t Stop, Chant Stop”, however, he says it’s not quite ready for his upcoming performances: “I’ve been writing it in the last few weeks and its coming along well. It’s slightly more at the hip-hop end of chap-hop if you like.

“But it’s really at the very early stages at the moment so I think it would be fool hardy of me to have a go at one of them at this stage! I’ll just make a fool of myself!”

But having visited Lincoln before, Mr. B already has some expectations for the gig: “I feel very good about it as it should be fun! I did play a steam punk festival at the Asylum in Lincoln last year and the year before actually. It’s a lovely place so it will be a pleasure to come back.”

The gig starts Mr. B’s short tour of recitals which finishes at the Wam Bam Club in London on February 23rd .

But Mr. B promises he’ll be ‘keeping it real’ by making sure his fans are kept on their toes: “They can expect nothing but the finest chap-hop and perhaps a bit of musical acid and a little bit of aristo-rock you know. The sky’s the limit!”

To get a taste of ‘chap-hop’ in all its glory, Mr.B the Gentleman Rhymer plays Lincoln’s Strait and Narrow Beer Bar on Thursday, January 31st.

Tickets are priced at £3 and can be bought directly from the venue. Doors open at 6pm.

The bar will also play host to Mr B’s ‘chappish’ rival Professor Elemental on the 28th February.

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