Christian Union holding annual events week

The University of Lincoln Christian Union are holding their annual events week.

Starting on Sunday, February 17th, 2013, there will be a range of events across campus, which anyone can attend.

The University of Lincoln Christian Union are holding a range of events including an open mic night, a football tournament and talks. Photo: Ian Britton (via Flickr)

The week begins with an open mic night at The Platform. As well as a number of highly-talented students playing, Rory Malone – a Christian singer from New Zealand – will also be returning, after his first performance at the acoustic night in Fresher’s Week. The night begins at 7:30pm. Anyone is free to play, although spaces are limited due to time.

On Monday, February 18th, dial-a-donut will be hitting the main Brayford campus. People text in with a question about Christianity and the union will send one of their members to answer the question, along with a free doughnut.

Tuesday sees two events on campus. Firstly, a lunch bar is being held between 1pm and 2pm at The Hub (Tower Bar). There will be a free lunch for those attending, with a short talk on “How can a good and loving God allow suffering?”

In the evening, there is a music café to be held in the Main Admin Building, described as “a chilled evening with live music entertainment”. This too will feature a short talk on “Jesus doesn’t want you to do anything”.

On Wednesday night, the CU members will be handing out free bottles of water to party-goers at The Engine Shed.

The lunch bar returns again on Thursday. This time, the free lunch will be accompanied by a talk on the subject “Why Jesus, when I just want to have fun?”

And on the evening, a quiz is being held by members of the CU team. Alongside a brain-teasing quiz, people will have the chance to ask any questions they have about Christianity.

The week comes to an end on Friday with a football tournament at the University’s Sports Centre.

All events are open to everyone. Further details will be available on the University of Lincoln Christian Union Facebook page.

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