How to celebrate Valentines Day on a budget

– Emma Unwin contributed to this report

It’s easy to forget what Valentine’s Day is really about after the stress of trying to shop for the perfect present for your partner. Here are some of the best ways to celebrate how much your special someone means to you without breaking the bank.

There are cheaper alternatives to showering your partner with gifts on Valentine's Day. Photo: Greg Jordan

Get fruity

Whilst florists are raising the price of a bunch of flowers, especially for February 14th, fruit stays the same. A colourful basket of fresh fruit makes a cheap, healthy and original gift.

Take a romantic stroll

If you choose to make this a day time activity, go for a walk round your local park. Hold hands, feed the ducks and stop off for a hot chocolate afterwards to warm up.

To take your romantic stroll that one stop further, wait until the moon is out and walk off your fancy dinner with a romantic night out gazing at the stars. You can choose to wander aimlessly or explore exciting new routes.

Create your own ‘love coupons’

Giving the gift of experience is a way to make a creative and personal present that your partner will enjoy. Write out a personalised voucher entitling them to anything from a massage or a romantic dance to you cooking their favourite meal.

Cooking for two

Save money on eating out and recreate the restaurant in your living room to make a meal that is both intimate and inexpensive.

Share a present

Combine finances and purchase a present that you can enjoy with your partner. Whether it’s a practical item such as an everyday gadget or a day experience like skydiving for two, you will both be sure to benefit from the gift.

Grab dessert

If dining out is proving to be too expensive, skip the main meal and treat your partner to the sweetest course.

Head to the bars

With Valentine’s falling on a week day, you may find yourselves rushing to make your restaurant booking on time. Cut down on the stress and time restraints of eating out by having dinner at home and leisurely wandering over to the nearest bar to have a romantic catch up over a couple of drinks.

Movie night

Skip the expense of movie tickets and overpriced popcorn and stay in instead. Both pick your favourite films to watch and buy your own popcorn and chocolate. Close the curtains turn down the lights and get ready to spend a couple of hours cuddled up on the sofa.

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