Ockham’s Razor will have Lincoln audiences ‘lost’

Theatre group Ockham’s Razor will bring a stunning display of theatre, performed in mid-air, at Lincoln’s Drill Hall from Friday, February 15th, 2013.

This isn’t normal theatre. At least, it’s not the kind which invites you to sit on a dusty fold-down chair or queue for a pot of ice cream at the interval.

Ockham's Razor return to Lincoln once more with "Not Until We Are Lost".
Ockham's Razor return to Lincoln once more with "Not Until We Are Lost".

Ockham’s Razor offers something a world away from the traditional theatre productions that you might expect.

Performers act out a series of stories in “Not Until We Are Lost” with the air as a stage, using a set of specially-made metal structures.

The group climb, leap and hang as the metal frames transform and change – and the story unfolds above and around the audience themselves.

The show explores how solid the world around us really is, using movement, music and some stunning aerial theatre.

It’s the second set of full-length performances for Ockham’s Razor following a sold-out Lincoln performance last February and the success of previous piece “The Mill”, which saw performers suspended seven metres above the ground as they worked a large wheel, while also trying to rebel and escape from it.

Director of Lincoln Drill Hall, Simon Hollingworth said the theatre is thrilled to be hosting the show: “The company are just amazing and what they have done to our auditorium is extraordinary!”

He continued: “This is the kind of show that everyone who sees it will be talking about – breath-taking acrobatics, some gorgeous live music and real moments  of humour, tenderness and wonder too.”

“Not Until We Are Lost” performed by Ockham’s Razor at Lincoln Drill Hall starts from February 15th and runs for eight days, until Saturday February 23rd. Tickets are available from the Drill Hall box office.

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