University of Lincoln Orchestra Society’s success continues

– Melike Berker contributed to this report

After their successful win in 2012 at the Lincoln Music and Drama Festival, the University of Lincoln Orchestra Society played once more to hold their title.

The University of Lincoln Orchestra Society have won at the Lincoln Music and Drama Festival for two years running.

The festival runs for two weeks in March and varies from instrumental pieces to dramatic performances. Whilst waiting for the orchestra to play their repertoire, a young boy performed a song from the “Les Miserables” musical.

The variety at the festival was intriguing and left the audience waiting for more and that’s what they got with the arrival of the University of Lincoln’s Orchestra. Conductor Paul Jackson introduced the group with words of high praise.

As well as University of Lincoln students, the orchestra is made up of people from all areas of Lincoln, including Bishop Grosseteste University.

The orchestra have clearly been building up in the last few years and it could be said that their achievement has gone unrecognized by the student population. The group played a varied collection of pieces including a Les Miserables medley, a scene from the ballet “Swan Lake” and “The William Tell Overture”.

Foot tapping and smiles of enjoyment were seen from the audience who ranged from young children to the elderly. There was also great support from university students who had come to cheer on their friends.

After playing their pieces, the judge of the competition commented on the group saying that he “loves university music making and it is a great way to contribute to music globally”.

He continued: “You will find that this is just the beginning of your contribution to music!”

The judge praised the orchestra and awarded them 88 points out of a possible 100, which is a mark up on last year’s result of 83.

Paul Jackson said the group have a “real passion for music”, which is shown through their phenomenal playing in concerts and competitions. Each year the group grow stronger and there is potential for a tour in years to come.

Orchestra president Matthew Latham said: “The orchestra was formed in 2008 and has gained the highest level of recruitment this year.”

He continued: “There will be high expansion next year, not just in the way of an orchestra, but individual bands, jazz players making a contrasting musical society”.

The festival triumph proves that we have not seen the last of the University of Lincoln Orchestra Society just yet.

One Response to University of Lincoln Orchestra Society’s success continues

  1. Joel Murray says:

    I was one of the founding members back in the day and we actually won ‘Best New Society’ that year…clearly the SU saw the potential as the orchestra is moving on leaps and bounds!