University of Lincoln student in ‘Pointless’ victory

– Melike Berker contributed to this report

A student from the University of Lincoln has won the jackpot on BBC One TV show “Pointless”.

The programme, which is hosted by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, gives contestants the chance to find the most pointless answer in a series of categories.

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"Pointless" winner Jack Harrison is studying American Studies at the University of Lincoln. Photo: Melike Berker

American Studies student Jack Harrison entered the competition with high hopes of winning, with his inspiration being his younger brother – a sufferer of the rare disability Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome.

Harrison told The Linc that he applied to the show because he found it to be “quite a student-supported show” and that he applied because he “has nothing to lose”.

Harrison attended auditions in Birmingham, where a panel tested his knowledge and performance skills. His decision to go on the programme with his mum Tracy Phillips was purely down to the “good relationship and broad knowledge base” they have between them.

He joked: “I have the modern knowledge of sports and other subjects, whilst mum has a wiser and more developed knowledge of the world.”

Harrison and his mum made sure that they watched the programme once they found out about their appearance on the show, as they wanted to make sure they had as much practice as possible.

Perhaps one of the hardest things that the pair faced was keeping their success away from friends and family. From the moment they won, Harrison described it as a “surreal moment”.

He continued: “We were ushered out of the BBC building in London quickly. We got on the tube and couldn’t believe we had just won five grand!”

But what was he going to spend the prize money on? Harrison said that he was using his winnings to go away to New Orleans with his family and is also going to see the Monaco Grand Prix later in the season.

He added: “We also want to donate some money to my brother’s day centre LARC Rise that has supported my brother throughout his condition.”

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