Lincoln’s sport teams hoping to regain Varsity title

Varsity is returning to home soil this year, as Lincoln take on Derby in the annual sporting event. However, the date of the event has caused major concern amongst students.

Varsity 2013 is set to take place on Wednesday, April 10th, 2013, halfway through a “research and self-directed learning week” for the students in Lincoln. This, to most, means an extra week at home, and therefore many will not be able to attend the annual event.

Photo: Daniel Sam
The Lincoln Futsal team before their game at Varsity 2012. Photo: Daniel Sam

Daniel Sam, the Student Unions’ Vice-President for Activities and chief organiser of the event, said: “This date is not ideal but, after a three month battle to secure one, this was the only date available to both institutions.”

Nevertheless, Sam says the event seems to be selling well to students: “We have started promoting the event through the sale of t-shirts and wristbands, with a percentage of the proceeds going to charity.

“T-shirts sold out in two days, which bodes well for the attendance and anticipation of the event, hopefully resulting in a big home crowd attending a variety of games.”

With a total of 22 sports being competed between the two tniversities, a lot of action will be seen across the city. ‘Mainstream’ sports such as football and rugby will of course be on the schedule for the day, alongside lesser-known sports such as Futsal and dodgeball.

Yet, these sports all have one focus; victory. Last year, Derby overturned Lincoln’s five year winning streak in a shock result on their home ground. This means that the pressure is on for this year’s competitors, especially as Lincoln are on home soil.

Nevertheless, Sam says that the behaviours between the sportsmen and women must still be professional: “It’s absolutely essential that all teams behave in the manner expected of them and represent the institution in the right vain.

“The teams to compete will all be aiming for victory, and they are all raring to go to do Lincoln proud.”

One team unable to compete however is the Lincoln Women’s Lacrosse team. Whilst Lincoln have a thriving squad who are doing well for themselves, Derby do not have a women’s team.

The team’s goalkeeper Mel Champion said she was disappointed that she won’t be playing, but will be supporting the other gender’s team: “I am gutted that I can’t play in Varsity. It’s massive and would be great for our team to play, but I know lacrosse is a small sport and setting up a team is really hard.

“I’ll definitely be there to support our guys team though!”

Jake Tasker, a third-year Sports Business Management student is playing for the Men’s Hockey in this year’s event, his third time of being involved with Varsity. He said: “I’m so excited for Varsity. It’s been the last hurrah of my first and second years and now it’ll be my final game. That in itself will make it huge day.

“The fact that it’s against Derby and that just adds to the hype. I’m looking forward to playing in a team full of lads I’ve spent three years with. And the fact that we’re playing at home is awesome. It makes it so much easier and more comfortable. The atmosphere will be great; hopefully we’ll get a decent crowd and put on a bit of a show.”

It’s not just the athletes that are pleased to see the event back in the city. Representing Lincoln Student’s Union, Daniel Sam told us: “The Students’ Union is absolutely ecstatic to have Varsity back in Lincoln. It will be a great opportunity to showcase the talents of the sportsmen and women at our institution.

“I am very confident about securing victory. We have consecutively finished above Derby in the British University College Sport (BUCS) league table, and we will look to secure our overall dominance in the competitive games.

The clash between the two sides is taking place on Wednesday, April 10th 2013. Look out for coverage from The Linc on the day.

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