Lincolnshire author explores its dark history

A Lincolnshire author has released an E-book which gives a fascinating insight into Britain’s  gruesome past.

Tales From the Gibbet Post, written by Daniel Codd, describes 100 years of murder, riot and execution in 18th century Britain.

A number of the horrific stories took place in Lincolnshire itself.

Mr Codd, 40, has a number of books published already including Mysterious Lincolnshire and Paranormal Devon.

Author of Tales from the Gibbet Post, Daniel Codd

During his research for the book, he uncovered many incidents which have never been brought to light.

He said: “I found some very interesting cases from the 18th century and a lot of these have never been reported or printed for the best part of 300 years.”

“They seem to have slipped from the pages of history.”

Before writing the E-book, Mr Codd spent the best part of seven years writing about ghosts.

Researching the ghost stories led him to a number of murders committed in the 1700s, which formed the basis for Tales From the Gibbet Post.

He said: “300 years ago when somebody was convicted of a crime, punishment was a lot harsher. They would be publicly hanged and their body would be put in a gibbet cage.”

“They would then be hoisted up and hung from a tree or gibbet post at the scene of the crime as a warning to others.”

*Tales from the Gibbet Post costs £2.94 and can be downloaded from Amazon.

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  1. CM says:

    Interesting read, but I would like to point out there there is a slight grammar mistake in your title. It should be “its” instead of “it’s”.