5 Minutes With…Jameela Jamil

Daniel Featherstone and Alice Rose contributed to this report. 

Not a lady to settle with her CV as a TV presenter, fashion designer and model, Jameela Jamil also made history this year as the first woman to host Radio 1’s The Official Chart Show. She’s recently started to engrave her name on the turntable by adding an established DJ to her credentials. The Linc caught up with Jameela ahead of her set at Lincoln’s Engine Shed on the 25th September.

Photo: George Darrell (via Flickr)

Photo: George Darrell (via Flickr)

Have you ever been to Lincoln?

No, this is my actually my first experience of Lincoln.

What do you think of it so far?

It’s a bit chilly but everyone has been very nice to me so, so far, so good.

What are the student crowd like?

Oh they’re the best. Drunken freshers are just the dream. Students are just great because they’re just here to have fun, everyone’s here to make friends, they go mad. I think when you’re young there aren’t many places for you to go and to go dance and listen to good music and drink and socialise with that many of those your age, it’s their first real taste of that so the feeling is incredible because you can just vibe off the energy. I’m usually asleep until a minute before I play the first song and then I just wake up in seconds and then I just feel like Aerosmith.

How would you say your DJ set differs to others sets? What makes yours unique?

I go quite old school, a specialist old school. I take it back to the Nelly ‘ Hot in Here’ days, I will venture into the R.Kelly ‘Ignition’, the Destiny’s Child. All the songs when we were about ten when they came out and we were not allowed to go out and party to, I will play and give you that chance.

What’s the funniest sight you’ve seen whilst DJing?

Probably a kissing wall…loads of kids lining up and snogging the faces off each other. I don’t think it was an official kissing wall, I think it just became a kissing wall.

As a lady that’s carved her own unique, eclectic style, for any fresher that doesn’t know what to wear, what’s the best staple piece in any wardrobe?

I think just a really great pair of shoes, male or female. It doesn’t matter what weight you are, what age you are, how tall you are, a pair of shoes does not discriminate against the person in them. A statement shoe will make or break the best or worst outfit.

You write an article for Company Magazine each week and have your own blog, so what inspires your articles in general?

My friends and everyday life, and also Twitter. You know, you learn things a lot quicker. I’ll write anything from farting on a treadmill to the battle of transgender and I feel it’s just my peers that inspire me to write that. I feel like many young people have never had a voice until now and so I feel it’s important to not only have my own voice and express it but to encourage others to get in on the debate. I fully go into a debate with anyone of any age from twelve to forty five which doesn’t always show my most dignified side.

Last but not least, where can our readers see you next?

I’m starting back on the television. I took a few months off so I could solidify myself as a radio presenter, which finally, after nine months, I’m now known as. I wanted to learn the craft because I thought otherwise I would never get taken seriously.  I quit the television, put my heart and soul and blood into radio and then I think television will come in November. I’m not allowed to say what yet, but I’ve just signed something.

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