The beauty products that will get you through university

Freshers week has now been and gone and whether you’re a seasoned professional or an actual fresher, settling down into what university is actually about can be daunting. But alas, there are “must-have” beauty products out there to shape you into a well prepared student and will help you get through what will probably be one of the scariest, but most exciting years of your life.

The products that will be your life-savers. Photo: Jemma Page

Painkillers/cold & flu tablets

Freshers Flu is a real condition. In fact, you’re bound to be experiencing some of it right now. Living in a confined space with other people, drinking constantly and staying up late will almost guarantee you an illness. It’s not the worst illness in the world (although it may seem that way at the time) but it’s definitely advised you stock up on essential medication to get you through your cold. A hot water bottle is also recommend.

Blister plasters

Heels are the work of the devil. If you’re not used to donning a pair of heels every now and then, it’s worth investing in a packet of these life savers. Although freshers week is over, socialising and going out will still be a major part of your university experience. Make sure blister plasters are always in your “essentials collection.”

Foot cream

As mentioned above, heels are a nightmare and now that freshers week is over, your feet will more than likely be cracked and dry – not a pretty look. To help combat this, use a foot cream every day. After all, prevention is better than cure. A foot spa is also recommended if you have one lying around.

Face masks

Not only can you have girly nights in with them but they’ll also save your skin. If you’re prone to breakouts then you might have already had a couple of nasty breakouts after freshers week. Alcohol, late nights, lack of sleep and dehydration is the enemy. Use a face mask a couple of times a week to ensure that your skin remains in tip top condition.

Face wipes

A quick one here: I personally don’t condone the use of face wipes, but university can be quite tiring and cleansing your face at 3am becomes a chore so I will allow the use of face wipes/micellar waters no more than once a week. That’s all. Then it’s back to the full on cleansing routine.

Dry shampoo

Late nights, early mornings, lack of time. Dry shampoo will become your best friend. Use it to mop up oil and say goodbye to greasy roots or as a volume refresher.

And finally, congratulations on getting into university. It’s a wonderful experience and I wouldn’t change mine for the world. Time flies by so quickly. Too quickly. So enjoy, cherish and capture every moment that you have.

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