Are you a target for student crime?

Now freshers week is over and you realise you no longer have your parents to cook your meals and tidy up your mess, you are forced to face the big scary world of independence.

However, independence doesn’t just include washing your clothes, washing yourself and washing the pots, you have to make sure you are not a victim of student crime.

Whether you’re living in halls or student housing you need to look after your accommodation, belongings and most importantly yourself.

Lincolnshire Police have given their top 10 crime reduction tips for students.


Lincolnshire Police try to prevent student crime

1. Lock your bedroom door – even if you’re only going to the kitchen or bathroom.

2. Check doors and windows are locked at night or when you’re going out – don’t assume someone else will do it.

3. Make a list of your personal property including the serial number and descriptions – use an ultraviolet pen to mark electrical and other items with your university address, institution and parents postcode. This will make it easier to trace stolen goods.

4. Think ahead – don’t walk home alone late at night. Arrange in advance to stay with a trusted friend or pre-book a taxi.

5. Never leave drinks unattended in pubs or clubs – when you go to the toilet, ask your friends to keep an eye on your drink. Men’s drinks get spiked too. If you suspect that your drink has been spiked tell a member of staff or a trusted friend.

6. Don’t show off your cash, mobile phone or laptop, or leave them lying around – never leave bag, wallet or purse unattended and never take out your card and chequebook together. Take a note of all your card details and keep them in a safe place so you can cancel them easily if they’re stolen.

7. Try and go the cash point in daylight if possible – be aware of people standing too close to you and always conceal your pin. If it’s dark, go with a friend and don’t check your money in full view.

8. If you have a vehicle always lock the doors, windows and sunroof – even if it’s for a few minutes.

9. Never leave belongings in your car – even an old coat could tempt a thief if they think there might be something valuable in the pockets. If you have to leave something make sure it is locked in the boot.

10. Keep your car topped up with petrol – try and park in a busy, well-lit area.

Follow all these tips and it’ll make being independent just that bit easier – (as long as you remember not to wash your whites and colours together!)

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