Be bold with burgundy this autumn

Will Pryer contributed to this report.

One of the essential male trends to come straight off the runway this autumn is burgundy.

The key colour for men right now. Photo: Rebecca Roe
This shade is often a very understated menswear colour, mainly due to it’s boldness and brashness.

However, burgundy has made an audacious comeback in time for the autumn/winter season, being showcased by designers such as Alexander McQueen and Saint Laurent at Paris Fashion Week.

Unlike many other colours, this warm shade is a very congruous tone for autumn; easily compatible with browns and reds. This colour is effortlessly complimented by leather accessories such as belts and shoes, ultimately tying the outfit together.

Burgundy can be worn in a variety of different ways. It offers both formality and informality; whether you’re wearing a suit or a jumper, it is a versatile colour which, when combined with either navy or black, provides a very masculine look.

Because of its daring character, burgundy is predominantly being worn as a statement colour for the autumn/winter season, specifically for outerwear. Jumpers and coats of this shade appear to be vital for the male wardrobe this season, immediately drawing attention to the wearer.

As mentioned, the autumnal colour was featured at Paris Fashion Week by numerous designers. If your wallet is feeling weary at this time of the year however, this tone has arrived at more affordable high street stores such as Topman and River Island.

If you want to make a statement, burgundy appears to be the must-have colour this season.

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