Frequency festival returns to the city

Frequency Festival returns on Friday, with a whole host of artists and exhibitions across the city.

Last year saw 35,000 visitors to all of the exhibitions and organisers are hopeful there will be just as many attending this year.

"Impossible" - Image by Kippa Mathews

Frequency festival returns on Friday. "Impossible" - Image by Kippa Mathews

Frequency festival returns on Friday. “Impossible” – Image by Kippa Mathews

For this year, the aim for the organisers is to build relations between artists, the university and the city. Barry Hale, the Festival Director is excited for this year’s event.

“It’s a chance to showcase great work throughout the city by both students and local artists,” he said.

For this year’s event there will be experts in the field who will be looking at the artist’s work and offer advice on how they can develop their skills.

“We have people from Paris, Cuba and Berlin coming to the city to see the talent there is,” he added.

The festival will last nine days and many of the events are family friendly and are free to attend.

Third year media production student, Declan O’Mara, will be performing a live 3D projection mapping piece at local Nightclub ‘Home’ next Thursday.

3D mapping is where images are projected onto a structure, to create live optical illusions, with many of the projections making to look like its moving.

After making a prototype of this show a year ago, Mr O’Mara has put in over half a year’s work into his half hour long show, a great achievement alongside his studies.

The exhibition will be the first time Declan O’Mara will have performed his show live, after performing a number of shows all computerised.

You can see his mapping project, amongst many other exhibitions at the Frequency Festival, which starts on Friday.