High End vs. High Street: BB creams

Since the explosion of BB Creams, it’s been hard to get away from them. With every brand claiming what they’re offering is an instant skin perfecter, it can be overwhelming when you’re trying to find the one for you.

High street vs high end. Which is best? Photo: Jemma Page
High street vs high end. Which is best? Photo: Jemma Page

The Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream retails for £7.99 which is an absolute steal and seeing as the brand constantly have offers on their products, it’s worth picking up. The BB Cream boasts a gel based formula that offers 8 benefits in 1 including SPF30, all day hydration, a natural glow and a non-greasy, oil-free finish.

On the other half of the spectrum, the Vichy Idealia BB Cream retails for £21.00, mainly because of the skincare benefits – over time, the product claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots. The finish is light, comfortable and non-greasy and the light reflecting pigments aim to illuminate, hydrate, smooth, refine and protect the skin.

For me, the Vichy Idealia BB Cream is my favourite – it offers medium coverage that can be built up if desired whereas Maybelline’s BB Cream is extremely light in coverage. If your skin is near-perfect and you’re looking for a quick and easy boost, definitely give Maybelline’s offering a try as the formula is lovely and the price tag is incredible. If you’re after more coverage, Vichy’s version is the one for you.

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