How to: Halloween nails

Halloween is just a few days away – if you’re not in the mood to dress up on October 31st, then how about celebrating with painted nails? It doesn’t matter if you’re new to nail art or a seasoned pro, this article has something for every ability.

All you’ll need is a variety of suitable nail varnish colours and toothpicks – it really is that simple!

Frankenstein-style nails

Frankenstein-style nails. Photo: Rebecca Roe

This is the easiest manicure to do. All it takes is a green base coat for colour, then take a tooth pick and draw lines for Frankenstein-style scars, making sure to add on the stitch lines to finish the look.

Spider web nails

Spider web nails. Photo: Rebecca Roe

To start, paint your index finger nail white to be your feature nail and the others paint black. Once dry, use a toothpick to paint the cobweb on each black nail, then with a new toothpick, draw a spider on each white nail.

Pumpkin nails

Pumpkin nails. Photo: Rebecca Roe

This one is a little more time consuming. Firstly, paint a layer of an orange polish on your nails and once dry, use a toothpick to paint brown vertical lines down each nail. The next stage is to paint the triangular eyes and noses, then finish up by painting the green stalk on the top of each nail.

Zombie nails

Zombie nails. Photo: Rebecca Roe

Begin with painting your nails with a white varnish. When this layer has dried, paint the black lines with a toothpick, varying in line widths – this represents the zombie’s bandages. After this, fill in one of the gaps with black polish per nail and dip a tooth pick into a red nail polish to dot on the red eyeball. To finish up, apply a smaller white mark on top of the red to give your zombie its pupils.

With each look, finish with a layer of clear nail polish once completely dried so your design can last as long as possible.

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